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    Tasty Kiss Oil is moisturizing tasty oil with vasodilating properties that brings nice warmth when applied on the most sensitive areas of the body and especially on the erogenous zones.


    Tasty Kiss Oil comes in five nice and tasty flavors, one for each special moment, as follows:


    Brazilian Guarana: The most aphrodisiac flavor. A citric touch.


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    Tasty Kiss Oil is soft oil with silky texture that intensifies the pleasure sensations making you feel the caresses more than ever.


    Tasty Kiss Oil is perfect for a romantic evening. It guaranties the sweetest pleasure and contributes to improve the desire and wellness between lovers. 


    Tasty Kiss Oil is perfect for those couples that wish to try out and enjoy new and pleasant sensations and who do not want to be monotonous.


    Tasty Kiss Oil is Hypoallergenic and Parabens free.


    Directions for use:


    Apply a small quantity of oil on the selected erogenous area, blow so that it gets warm and kiss or massage gently in order to enjoy its tasty flavor.