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    Intimate Gel is a soft bath gel with a silky texture for the hygiene of the feminine intimate area with a pleasant Mediterranean aroma that has antiseptic, moisturizing as well as energetic properties.

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    Intimate Gel has been developed with absolute scientific rigor and keeping in mind at all times the intimate female physiology. It has been designed respecting the acid vaginal pH that is lower than that of other parts of the body, to prevent the growth of bacteria that may cause infections. Common soaps are alkaline and may destroy the acid protecting layer of the intimate area.

    Intimate Gel is formulated with high quality and scientifically selected active ingredients and with a mixture of 14 highly purified plant and seaweed extracts, registered by Loveness, under the name of Plantactive Complex, with other important properties for the skin, that also boost and prolong the action of the rest of ingredients in order to obtain the required results and increase the benefits of the final product.


    Intimate Gel does not irritate or cause any dryness and produces a pleasant fresh sensation.

    Intimate Gel protects against microbial aggression.

    Intimate Gel acts as a deodorant.

    Intimate Gel is Hypoallergenic and Parabens free. 


    Directions for use:


    Apply on wet skin area, rinse and dry gently without rubbing.

    It may be used several times a day.